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Mar. 21st, 2011

Costume Ideas for Anime St. Louis

Little Red Riding Hood Witch
Lolita dress with my big-ass petticoat
Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Random Japanese Schoolgirl

That's all I've got so far. I have a great picnic basket for my potions should I do LRRH witch.  I've been making the potions for a while and I also have a book safe.  W00t!

I'm looking for a blue patterned dress cheap enough that I can put pieces of gun surrounded by blood for Penny's fatal wounds.

Lolita costume is a go fer sure.

My Namine costume is too small, so I might have to improvise with that one.

And I already have a sailor-schoolgirl uniform.

Nov. 1st, 2010

Update on Life

I think I need to get a reality check. I have a crush on a married man.  Nothing will ever come of it, and I do know that. But I still hope. And that's pathetic.  And ridiculous. Not much of an update.  But it stands as such.

Jul. 20th, 2010

Rawr! What good is a new computer for anyway?!

I've been downloading runes of magic for the past two days. My theory is it pauses when someone switches to their desktop.  This is the only explaination I have for it taking so long.  I mean, yeah, the game is probably sizable but this is a brand-spanking-new computer!  Rawr! My rant of irritation is complete.

Jul. 11th, 2010

Halloween Preparations

So I have another sewing project.  Little sister costumes from Bioshock.  My motley crew is going to do a group cosplay, and Kacie and myself are going to be little sisters.  John says he can handle the props (like the Big Daddy dolls and ADAM harvesters) but it's up to me to sew the dresses if we can't find suitable costumes at a thrift store.  Le sigh.  Another thing that I will likely never finish. But maybe since other people are counting on me, it will motivate me to finish.

Jun. 25th, 2010


I've been told my obsession with Dale is fruitless.  I don't think it's just an obsession anymore.  Just after last night when I came to the conclusion that I think I love him.  Now I am mired in depression.  I just want to sit down and cry, but can't because John and Kacie are here now.  I wish my heart was (metaphorically) stone, so I couldn't fall in love.  I didn't think I could love anyone, but I just think my feelings for Dale are getting close to that strong.  I wish they weren't, if it's really so hopeless.

Which Disney princess am I?

So my friends are giving everyone Disney princesses to identify with.  I identify myself with Belle, or Alice (who is only a princess in the eyes of KH1), but Belle is taken by my crush, Dale.  BECAUSE OF ONE FREAKING SONG IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!  I'm bookish, everyone definitely thinks I'm odd, I definitely wouldn't care as much about looks if the guy had a good personality, and I'm a daddy's girl.  I feel slighted.  It's not really important, but if we do this, we should do it right.  Anyway, there's my rant of injustice for the evening

Jun. 14th, 2010

Sewing Project To-Do's

  • GIR Plushie
  • Belt pouch
  • Lolita outfit (far in the future)
  • Gothic outfit (hopefully soon)
  • creepy doll w/button eyes
  • Nekomimi doll
  • Jumper (possibly one like in Alice)
  • Pig plushie
  • Mimi plushie
  • Fox plushie (for a gift)
  • some kind of costume
  • Alice dress
  • alice apron
  • White Rabbit w/red button eyes

Missing Person

Watching clouds begin to fade,
Sunlight shines and seems to stay,
I wish for her to come back to me,
But she is trapped in my memory.

Perhaps one day she'll be free again,
And we can be together.

But chances seem bad as she fades away
And the new version of her seems to grow.
I want the old her back, the one I loved,
But where she's gone, I'll never know.

GIR Setbacks

So, I got Dale's help on my GIR pattern(the head) and I did the proportions too small.  For the rest of the body, his limbs are too small to stuff.  Fail.  So since I don't want to bug Dale, I have to revise my pattern to be bigger.  Which means figuring out how to make the head larger. XP  Such a pain.  I intend to post pictures of the test GIR on deviant ART once it's made right.  He won't be green (since I lack the right green material) but he should be looking okay by the time I post him. *sigh* Let you know more later, my 0 readers. XD

Jun. 11th, 2010

Slumber Party of Pre-Holiday World-ness!!!!!

So we're going to Holiday world tomorrow.  Dale, Kacie, John, and I.  Dale tried fixing my computer.  I had to look away as he took it apart.  Actually, I had to distract myself by watching Coraline.  But he didn't have the right stuff and it still crashes. V_V  But he tried.  And he is so cute.  Perhaps I shall post more later...not that anyone is reading. XD

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